Operator's Manual for the mcHF transceiver

"This manual is for the mcHF transceiver, the original design by Chris Atanassov, M0NKA, as an opensource SDR (Software Defined Radio), both in terms of Software and Hardware." KA7OEI, Clint Turner.

This manual is created for put all the information spread in the WWW into one place and maintain it up-to-date with new additions done in the new firmware.

"The old operating manual only matches in ~30% to recent firmware. Unluckily the old manual cannot be copied (as a base) due to missing license and no one has started to begin a new one. There are hundreds complaining for it but no one starts writing a new ;)" DF8OE, Andreas Richter.

So... lets do it!

The new firmware is mainly developed by:

KA7OEI, Clint

DF8OE, Andreas

DB4PLE, Danilo

DD4WH, Frank

and helped by the suggestions and reports of the whole mcHF community.

This book has been started by EA3HZZ, but hope more people contribute to it in the near future.

Thanks and 73,

DE EA3HZZ, Marc.

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